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About Me.

I hold a degree in Advertising from the prestigious Northwood University Business School and have been providing various marketing and media services within the equine industry and at large for over 15 years.  After college I spent ten years working in my field of marketing and advertising before leaving to focus full-time on my career in the equestrian field.  Today, I successfully own and operate Benchmark Dressage. My business knowledge and experience have been vital in providing me with the tools to both market and manage my business.

Although Benchmark Media was started specifically to accommodate the unique needs of the equine industry, I can provide website and media consulting services for any small business. My websites are fast, affordable, professional, and cost only a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.
Successful companies depend on marketing and advertising to fuel their business, but it doesn't need to be complicated or expensive!  In addition to my design services, you get my personal support and experience from over 15 years in both the horse business and in marketing - someone who truly knows the industry and your unique needs (and budget)!  Why spend $5000.00 or more when you can get a beautiful, professional looking website with personal support for under $1000!?

Complete website  packages starting at $800! 

Website packages include domain set up and registration, hosting, design conceptualization and layout.  Annual hosting subscription is required (prices and package options vary). Maintenance fee's extra.  (Maintenance fee is $65.00/hour, billed in quarter hours. Typical updates such as adding a picture, adding a date to the calendar, changing the price on a sale ad, etc. take less then 15 minutes and are usually completed within 24-48 hours of request.